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How to Remove Water Stains from Couch: 6 Easy Ways

how to remove water stains from couch

Read the full article for assistance on how to remove water stains from couch. Your couch is a vital piece of furniture in your living room that sets the tone and atmosphere. Spending time on your couch, eating and drinking on it, makes it prone to spills and visible stains on upholstery, especially fabric sofas. […]

Find Ways On How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet

How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet

  Busy or not, you couldn’t resist that cup of coffee in the morning! But due to unavoidable circumstances, you may spill a bit of your latté or java onto your carpet. Don’t panic! Read on to find out some excellent tips on how to get coffee stains out of carpet. When you get to the […]

Learn 5 Tips on How To Clean Soot Off Walls Effectively

how to clean soot off walls

  Learning how to clean soot off walls is necessary especially if it happens in your home. Since soot clings to almost any surface such as ceilings, cabinets, furniture, and walls of your property. Sooty walls are the after-effects of candles, fireplaces, cigarettes, or even small fires like in your kitchen. Since soot is acidic, […]

How to Prevent Mold on Wood

how to prevent mold on wood

Wood furniture and other wood products in your home are aesthetically pleasing and naturally attractive. However, they can be a breeding ground for mold since people don’t realize how often they can grow on surfaces. In this article, knowing how to prevent mold on wood would save not only your furniture but your health as […]

Using Baking Soda on Carpet as an Effective Cleaner

using baking soda on carpet

Does your carpet have stubborn stains, pet odors, and other smells? Home carpet cleaning is a real challenge, especially for busy housewives. Forget about complicated equipment and just get that effective, safe deodorizer, and a cleaner in your kitchen cabinet! Using baking soda on carpet is an effective way to clean and absorb the odor […]

9 Tips and Tricks: How to Clean a Mattress from Water Damage

How To Clean A Mattress From Water Damage

  Mattresses are an important investment, and we spend a significant portion of our lives sleeping on them. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and your mattress may end up being damaged by water. Water damage can cause the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to your health. However, there are ways how to clean […]

7 Tips To Clean A Flooded Basement

Tips To Clean A Flooded Basement

A flooded basement can happen at any time and cause distress to every homeowner. Be it a rainy or dry season, water in your basement can have a devastating effect on your home. Burst water pipes or heavy rains can potentially seep into your basement and cause serious flood damage.  While flooding can be very […]

Does Bleach Kill Mold? A Risky Common Cleaner

does bleach kill mold

  Mold growth at home or in the office continues to be one of the most stressful events for most people. Since mold does not only cause structural damage but also a number of health issues like allergic reactions. Mold grows where moisture is and spreads quickly if neglected. For quicker mold removal, people would […]

Water Damage on Carpet: Basic Facts and Tips

water damage on carpet

Homeowners usually buy a carpet for its aesthetic value which makes a home look elegant and clean. However, when water damage strikes your carpet, it can be untidy, smelly, and even harmful to your family. Anyone can be a victim of this stressful event. Keep reading to learn more about water damage on carpet as well […]

Learn 10 Tips on How to Deal With a Flooded Kitchen

how to deal with a flooded kitchen

Water damage can happen in your kitchen especially if water remains unseen or gets out of control. Moreover, water damage not only can cause exhaustion physically and emotionally but financially as well. So whether it’s a burst of water or a slow seeping, a flooded kitchen can be dreadful to homeowners.    Reasons for a […]