Learn How To Clean Soot Off Walls

Learn How To Clean Soot Off Walls

Soot clings to almost any surface such as ceilings, cabinets, furniture, and walls of your property. Sooty walls are the after-effects of candles, fireplaces, cigarettes, or even small fires like in your kitchen. Since soot is acidic, it can leave unpleasant, black stains on all the materials it encounters.  Furthermore, soot is difficult to remove […]

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth The Money?

Your home can experience a lot of issues, like water damage, mold infestation, and others. Today, we recognized another problem — indoor air pollution. This problem can become alarming especially to people with respiratory problems or elderly and children. This is the reason why a lot of companies are now offering products and services that […]

What To Do And Not To Do After A House Fire

Just a week ago, a home in the area was engulfed in a house fire. It was very devastating and recovering can be difficult. Suffering from a fire can be terrifying, not to mention the water damage that is usually the immediate consequence of extinguishing the fire. Understanding what to do next, where to start, […]

How To Fix A Leaking Water Heater

Leaking water heater

A water heater is an essential equipment in your home that provides comfort. Thanks to the one who made it, we won’t freeze from the cold water in winter. Though a water heater can last long, it can get broken and will start to leak. A leak from your water heater might seem little and […]

Water Damage: What To do Before Professionals Arrive

cleaning a water damaged place before professionals arrive

Whatever the type of water damage is, the effect is always dreadful. Truly, water damage restoration professionals can fully mitigate the damage and bring back your property to its pre-loss condition. However, water damage needs to be handled right after you know that there is a problem. So, while waiting for the professionals to arrive […]