From the time we made the initial call you treated us with respect and were very professional. You did everything you said you were going to do. You performed as you said you would and you were on time. The carpet was clean and we were very satisfied. Plus it was dryer than most.

Laurel Bausman, Alta Loma, CA

My carpet is thoroughly cleaned. The carpet was dry when the technicians left (the walkway). Once cleaned, no spots returned and it has been 3 months. There are immediate results. Technicians are professional and courteous. I have referred many of my friends and they are pleased as well. Exceptionally cleaned rugs, no soaked carpet. Moving of furniture.

Helen Hill, La Verne, CA

Arrived on time. Prompt. Fast. Efficient. Reasonable Prices. Professional. Polite. Would recommend to anyone. Would use again. Because we have a fabulous Siberian Husky who is allowed to be in the house as much as he wants our light colored carpet can start to look pretty dingy pretty fast. Thanks to Shamrock our carpets are sparkling clean. What a joy.

Rick and Glorie Lee Beyenhof, Upland, CA

We were not only especially impressed by the quality of work on all our carpets, with follow-up, as needed – we were extremely please with explanations of the process to be used , and results which fitted perfectly with the promise of quick and high quality workmanship. Larry and Eric did the best job on our carpets we’ve ever had done. We will be sure to recommend their work to others. The full explanation of the cleaning process in a preliminary consultation was particularly appreciated, as was the swiftness and effectiveness with which the job was done. Extras like free spotter, booties, and a return trip to go over tough areas served to make an even more perfect job. Overall expertise, both socially and carrying out of work were highly appreciated and assured a return visit will be asked for when the next cleaning is needed.

Tom and Mary Ellen Brigante, Claremont, CA

We are so pleased with the work done by Shamrock. They did an amazing job. We have been at this location for three years and have never had the carpet professionally cleaned. After the cleaning you could see a difference like night and day. Our office even smells better. The first benefit is having your clean carpet and that came from a job that was done well. The second benefit was a fresher smell throughout the office.

Sandra Rutherford, Camp Fire USA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Tracy and George were very professional and courteous. They did an amazing job on a very challenging carpet.

Craig and Patti Holroyd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Promp, courteous, careful, and complete. That the team members work hard to get again!!” a great result is wonderful – and unfortunately rare with other companies. Thanks

Dawn Hibbard, KSGN Radio, Redlands

Great service…The end result is terrific…I could not be happier with how the carpet looks now…We have already recommended their service to our friends! We really like that the price quoted was the price charged for a good job…no ‘extra’ charges or surprise expenses…They moved the furniture carefully and treated our home with respect.

Laurie and Tim Christenson, Claremont, CA

* Punctual * Professional * Thorough * Friendly. I would gladly recommend your services to all of my family and friends 🙂

Dr. Elise Rio, Rio Chiropractic Clinic, Ontario

Initial visit – very accomidating – not pressured. Also, word of mouth from satisfied customers. The whole experience very professional! That you were able to renew and brighten my older carpet – it almost looks new.

Barbara Deacon, La Verne, CA

My carpet looks like new, it smells fresh. This protects my grandson, 9 months, who crawls. The carpet is clean now. I will do the upper story next time.

Betty Price, Claremont, CA

Courteous, prompt service with excellent results – our carpet looked 100% better. The entire house smelled fresh and the tile and grout looked brand new (it is 10 years old). The technicians were very respectful of our home and left the carpet nerly dry. It was the best experience I have ever had with people working in our home. The clean carpets freshened the entire home. They are 10 years old and look fabulous. The tile cleaning was the BEST part! It looked band new, including the grout. The price was very reasonable.

Beverly Sellers, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Your staff was very happy and approachable. They were very respectful to my things and my home. You cleaned everythin up before you left and showed up on time. You left my house leaving me feel like I got my moneys worth. The carpets turned out great and amazingly clean.

Ashley Hunter, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The technician was courteous and professional and the carpets looked great! The price was right too. I will use Shamrock again and have told all my friends about you via Facebook.

Steve and Chris Metcalf, Pomona, CA

Great job on both carpet and tile. Both look brand new. You got the tough stains out – they have not come back like before when I used other services. Super pleased with your company. You get what you pay for – I was reluctant becaue I never spent that much on carpet cleaning but it was so worth it! The carpet and tile look fantastic. We’ll recommend you to all our family and friends. Very professional and friendly.

Jim and Connie Fortuna, Alta Loma, CA

I am so pleased with the cleaning. I wish I had a before and after picture of my carpet, as it would impress anyone.

Donna Loucks, Upland, CA

I have been a homeowner for over 40 years, Shamrock is the best carpet cleaners I have ever had!

Susan Tyra, Upland, CA