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Water Damage Cleanup: What To do Before Professionals Arrive


water damage cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup Process Before Professionals Arrive

Water damage cleanup is a dreadful task, regardless of its type. Restoration professionals have the ability to fully mitigate the damage and restore your property to its pre-loss condition. However, taking immediate action upon discovering any water damage is crucial. While waiting for the professionals to arrive, you can minimize the damage and prepare the area for the restoration process by performing a few tasks.

Water Damage Cleanup

Stay calm when you realize that water has damaged your property. There are a few easy things you can do to prevent your home from further damage. 

Assess Safety Before Entering 

Before starting with the water damage cleanup process, make sure that your house is safe to enter. When an ample amount of water intrudes your home, chances are, your house compromised its structural integrity. If you can see that your walls are inclined and the roof is not fixed, do not attempt to enter your home. 

Moreover, water can ruin your electricity. Make sure to switch off the power and all the electricity to prevent danger.

Lastly, when floodwater is involved in the damage, make sure to wear protective gear (boots, gloves, mask, etc.). Flood water contains pathogens and bacteria that are harmful to your health. 

Turn off the water source

If the cause of the damage is not because of the natural disaster, and it is due to burst pipes, find the location and turn it off immediately. When you are having difficulty finding the location of the leak, shut off your main water valve. But If you are still uncertain, you may ask a plumber or search on the internet.

Air Out Water Damage Area

Airing out the area can help in reducing moisture and preventing mold to grow. Open up all your windows and allow air to circulate in the affected area. This can be a slow process of drying out but this can make the cleanup process easier. Remember that when moisture is present, mold will follow. Mold can grow as fast as it can when the perfect environment is available. Make sure to air out your room as fast as you can to prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on mold removal services.

Vacuuming Standing Water

If it is safe to do, use a wet-dry vacuum in removing some amount of water. In most cases, this can help save water-damaged carpets, floors, and furniture. 

Using this type of vacuum (not the regular type of vacuum cleaner) can help in preventing water to penetrate porous surfaces. When water gets into these materials (like wood floors), it can begin to warp and buckle. And, it could result in a replacement. 

Use only a wet vac for minor water-damaged areas. If the water in your property is more than one foot, let professionals remediate the water. Extracting an ample amount of water very soon can damage your home’s foundation. 

Understanding these steps can help you minimize the damage. But, make sure to call a water damage restoration company to fully mitigate whatever was lost. 

Water Damage Cleanup: What Water Damage Professionals Will Do

Once the company receives your call, they will be on the site without delay. With them are extraction equipment and dehumidifying fans. The extraction equipment can be used in suctioning a large amount of water. The dehumidifying fans are used to bring the humidity levels back to normal and remove moisture from saturated materials. The team will make sure that the property is fully dry before they begin the restoration. They will tackle every aspect of the restoration process, use advanced equipment and skills and bring your property back to its normal condition.

A water damage event can be very dreadful for a homeowner. Not only do you get worried about the condition of your home, and its quality of being liveable, but you also get worried about the cost of the repair and the time involved. A trusted water damage company will work efficiently to address all the issues in your damaged property. It might take some days or weeks, depending on the extent of the damage. However, a certified company will use every moment to make sure that the condition of your home is safe and liveable. 

water damage restoration

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