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Everything You Need to Know About Orange Mold

orange mold everything you need to know

Mold, a type of fungus, is a common issue in many households. While it typically manifests as black or green growth, there is a lesser-known variant called orange mold. This unique and captivating mold species, known scientifically as fuligo septica, stands out with its vibrant orange color.  In this comprehensive article, we will dig into […]

Mold in Crawl Space: Effective Solutions for a Healthy Home

mold in crawl space

Got mold in crawl space? Hidden beneath your home, tucked away from sight, a dark and damp world exists—your crawl space. While often neglected, this space plays a crucial role in the overall health and stability of your home. Unfortunately, it is also a prime breeding ground for a silent intruder that can wreak havoc […]

How to Prevent Mold on Wood

how to prevent mold on wood

Wood furniture and other wood products in your home are aesthetically pleasing and naturally attractive. However, they can be a breeding ground for mold since people don’t realize how often they can grow on surfaces. In this article, knowing how to prevent mold on wood would save not only your furniture but your health as […]

Does Bleach Kill Mold? A Risky Common Cleaner

does bleach kill mold

  Mold growth at home or in the office continues to be one of the most stressful events for most people. Since mold does not only cause structural damage but also a number of health issues like allergic reactions. Mold grows where moisture is and spreads quickly if neglected. For quicker mold removal, people would […]

Mold Growth On Carpets


Carpets are still the primary flooring choice for many homeowners. You can always find a carpet that will compliment any interior setting and give you years of elegant look and comfort. However, the carpet is one of the common places in a home that is at high risk for mold growth and invasion. Causes of […]